Why the Genie® Fall Arrest Bar Allows Safe Exit and Work Around Access

Articulating and telescopic booms are designed to carry personnel to elevated work locations. A personal fall protection system in addition to the platform guard rails is required by OSHA in the United States and other regulatory agencies in many parts of the world. Personal fall protection can consist of a fall restraint and/or fall arrest system. Depending on the work being performed either a fall restraint system or a fall arrest system should be selected and worn at all times while in the platform.


There are some situations that may require an aerial work platform operator to exit the elevated boom platform to do their work, such as when working on the wing of a plane or servicing a ride at an amusement park. If the adjacent structure is not equipped to provide appropriate fall protection, the Genie® boom may be used as a fall arrest anchor.


In order to accommodate the need and assist the operator in performing the work safely, Genie has developed a guidance and approval document that outlines the steps required to exit an elevated platform. The document is available upon request through Genie.


In addition, all Genie 6- and 8-ft boom platforms now come standard with eight approved lanyard attachment points. This allows the operator to work around the outside of the platform with a double lanyard system while maintaining 100% tie-off.


Even with these enhancements, Genie is always looking for ways to meet our customers’ safety and productivity requirements. So when a large amusement park customer contacted us and requested assistance with the development of a system that would allow their technicians to work around the outside of the platform without having to continuously attach and detach their lanyard, our engineers took the opportunity — the result was the Genie Fall Arrest Bar. We designed the Genie Fall Arrest Bar accessory to specifically provide that extra safety enhancement for operators when exiting the platform at height.


The Genie Fall Arrest Bar consists of a smooth, sliding, horizontal track design that allows the operator to tie off and move freely outside of the platform using a single 6-ft shock-absorbing lanyard. The enclosed track, made from high strength steel, protects the trolley from weather and debris. The yellow, identifiable bar attaches quickly and easily, within 15 minutes, for fast setup and removal.


The Genie Fall Arrest Bar option complies with ANSI A92.5-2006 and CSA B354.4-02 standards for self-propelled booms. It is available for ANSI and CSA Genie Booms and quickly attaches to a 6- or 8-ft platform on all 40-ft Genie telescopic booms and higher, as well as 45-ft Genie articulating booms and higher (except the S-125HD).


This part is available and may be ordered through our parts organization at gogenielift.com.

4 comments for “Why the Genie® Fall Arrest Bar Allows Safe Exit and Work Around Access

  1. Mitch Worley
    January 2, 2018 at 5:19 am


    Do we need a copy of the authorization letter to exit the basket when using the fall arrest bar?

    • Kyle Heckenlaible - Associate Marketing Manager
      Kyle Heckenlaible - Associate Marketing Manager
      January 8, 2018 at 7:40 am

      Hi Mitch. The Operator’s Manual for the Fall Arrest Bar covers everything in the Guidance Letter, and is sufficient on its own. However, you will need the Guidance Letter any time you exit the platform in any other fashion (such as remaining tied off to the platform lanyard anchorage point). For more reference, here is the Fall Arrest Bar Operators Manual: http://manuals.gogenielift.com/Operators/english/1256390.pdf.

  2. Sergio Vivar
    January 5, 2018 at 7:34 am

    could this fall arrest bar be used on all Genie aerial lifts? or can it only be used on newer designated Genie lifts that have been tested with the fall arrest bar?

    I.E… we rent a genie aerial lift and buy the fall arrest bar, could we use the fall arrest bar on the rented genie lift?

    • Kyle Heckenlaible - Associate Marketing Manager
      Kyle Heckenlaible - Associate Marketing Manager
      January 8, 2018 at 7:46 am

      Hi Sergio. The Fall Arrest Bar will fit on any 6 ft. or 8 ft. Genie boom platform produced after 2002 (a 6 ft. FAB can only be used on a 6 ft. platform, and an 8 ft. FAB can only be used on an 8 ft. platform). You can indeed buy a FAB and install in on a rented Genie machine, as long as you follow the installation instructions provided with the device.

      For more information, here is the Operator Manual for the Fall Arrest Bar: http://manuals.gogenielift.com/Operators/english/1256390.pdf.

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