Three Reasons to Use OEM Parts

To maximize your rental return on invested capital (rROIC), look to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), including Genie, for the best ways to keep your rental fleet up and running. When it comes to replacement parts, the individual costs may seem small, but you know that their impact on a machine’s uptime is enormous. There is a lot of pressure for you to focus on short-term cost-down efforts, and purchasing parts from third-party suppliers who may be able to get the parts to you faster and cheaper seems like a good cost-savings tactic.


This decision can come with risk too — third-party parts are not tested on equipment for quality and reliability, and these parts may have unknown fit and compatibility with your Genie® aerials. Also, if the parts are from a supplier you do not know, there may be little or no support after the sale. It is important to note that focusing on short-term gains by choosing parts with unknown durability could negatively impact your cost-savings efforts. When calculating your rROIC, you don’t have the time or money to deal with downtime and failures caused by parts that aren’t specified for your Genie machine. This can be avoided by using genuine parts purchased from the OEM, like Genie® Genuine Parts.


As you weigh the pros and cons of choosing genuine, OEM-approved parts versus parts from other suppliers, consider these three reasons to choose components that are factory-fitted and approved-for-use:


Reason #1: From the factory to the field, keep it a genuine
Genuine, OEM-approved parts come with a brand promise that you will get the right part the first time and every time. For example, only Genie Genuine Parts are tested and verified by Genie for Genie machines. At Genie, we cycle test all the parts we chose for our products, observing their reliability, durability and stability over time. And, the parts we ship to you are the same parts that we use on the assembly line, which are fitted, tested and matched specifically and exactly to your machine.


Reason #2: You get what you pay for

Genuine, OEM-approved parts protect you from counterfeit and generic competition that could increase the lifetime cost of ownership of your equipment, reducing the machines’ profitability. Even if the parts share the same specs, only parts designated by the OEM, such as Genie Genuine Parts, are tested and approved to be used on your machine. And, OEMs, including Genie, can offer the best selection of parts to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Don’t be fooled by lots of numbers from third-party, aftermarket suppliers, genuine, OEM parts are manufactured and priced to provide long-term value.


Reason #3: Genie Genuine Parts

You don’t buy equipment thinking about failures in the field. If something does happen, OEM experts are there for you, from the sale through the service, providing you with the right solution and the right part every time. In fact, genuine, OEM parts, such as Genie Genuine Parts, are proven to decrease your machine’s total cost of ownership, maintain its resale value and helps keep your warranty intact.


Genie aerial equipment can be some of your most frequently rented machines. It’s worth every dollar you spend if your aerial equipment fleet is “rental-ready” and continues to perform productively in the field.

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