Tips for Using Battery-Powered Machines in Cold Environments

Many customers ask: “Can I use my Genie® battery-powered aerial in cold environments, like food processing facilities, cold storage units or in cold climates?”


The answer is: Yes, many Genie battery-powered machines can be safely and productively used in cold environments with a few simple steps:

  • Review the Genie Service or Maintenance Manual for your specific machine. Manuals can be easily accessed at
  • In the manual, find the Hydraulic Fluid Temperature Range info. Review the chart, determine if the environment requires a hydraulic fluid change. Please note the temperature range or equipment limitations indicated in the manual. See example below.

Sample only: Consult your Genie Service or Maintenance Manual for specific model requirements.


  • Change fluid as required, following the guidance in the Genie Service Manual. To avoid potential hydraulic system damage, consider if the machine will be used in one or multiple environments. Consult Genie Product Support as needed.
  • For best performance in cold environments, AGM batteries may be appropriate if they are properly maintained. Contact your dealer or Genie representative for more information.


Additional considerations:

  • Machines must be moved out of the cold environment to a warmer room temperature to charge the batteries. Whenever possible, charge the batteries overnight.
  • To maximize “up time,” have two units available on each jobsite — one unit charging and one in use.
  • Operators can expect the functions of battery-powered Genie lifts to be slower in cold environments, and the life of the battery charge on these machines could be reduced by 50%, requiring more frequent charging.
  • As the batteries on these types of machines age, operators may realize a reduction in performance.
  • Follow the guidelines for battery maintenance in the machine’s Service Manual to achieve optimal battery life.

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