What is Dual Parallelogram Linkage on Articulating Booms?

From painting and power washing to more complex tasks, the ability to follow a wall is an important feature for many articulating boom applications. In fact, it’s why Genie came up with its dual parallelogram linkage design, which can be found on most smaller Genie® Z™-boom models.


With traditional boom technology found on many articulating booms, the operator has to make adjustments using the primary and secondary boom controls in order to raise and lower the platform on a straight vertical path. To increase productivity and reduce the number of adjustments needed to make to follow a wall, we developed dual parallelogram linkage boom design. This geometry that uses two sets of parallel links connected by a mid-pivot in the secondary lift structure allows the platform to be raised and lowered on a straight vertical path using only the secondary boom control.


Dual parallelogram linkage — you don’t need to remember what it’s called, just what it can do to make complex jobs easier to get done.


For more detailed explanation about dual parallelogram linkage, please check out this video on the topic: http://aerialpros.genielift.com/2016/04/26/dual-parallelogram-linkage/.

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