Why Genie Pins the Link Stack to Front of Its Scissor Lifts

If you have a mixed fleet of scissor lifts, you’ve likely noticed that Genie goes against the industry norm when it comes to the location of its lift stack location. And, we have a very good reason for it — operator comfort.


In case you’re not familiar with the location of your Genie® GS™-scissor lifts’ link stack, here’s what you need to know: Most manufacturers pin their link stack to the rear of the machine while using a slider pad in the middle of the machine. Also, they will use a solid pin on the rear of the platform with the slider located toward the middle. Genie locates the solid pin on the front of its scissor lifts and the slider pad toward the middle.


You may be asking yourself how a simple location change from the back of the chassis, like most other manufacturers use, to the front of the unit can impact operator comfort. Since many scissor lifts are used with extension decks, we wanted to make sure operators feel stable as they move out onto the extension deck and perform their job. By positioning it toward the front of the machine, the lift stack on Genie scissor lifts are positioned in the middle of the platform and the extension deck to provide a more balanced working situation.


For more detailed explanation about why the location of a scissor lift’s link stack matters, please check out this video on the topic: http://aerialpros.genielift.com/2016/05/31/scissor-link-stack.


We sweat the small stuff to give our customers a better operating experience.


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