How our Manufacturing Practices Influence your rROIC

Our goal at Genie is to produce industry-leading aerial lift equipment designed and built to maximize machine uptime and provide the highest rental return on invested capital (rROIC) to our customers. We define quality by our equipment’s uptime in the field. Our standards for quality are set with a firm foundation in our proven manufacturing techniques, which translates to well-built machines that are ready to work day one and are easy to maintain throughout their life.


To do this, we utilize a Lean manufacturing process, which is rooted in continual improvement designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Lean unifies the design and manufacturing processes, resulting in more reliable delivery time and higher quality production.


By incorporating Lean techniques, we are focused on manufacturing of our products with less errors. We have implemented self and successive checks in the production line, allowing our Team Members to check their own work before sending it to the next station, as well as having Team Members up the line check the work too. This double-gate process enables us to catch errors sooner so we can fix them before the machine ever leaves the assembly line. We also do exhaustive testing on the parts and components suppliers provide us to make sure each and every piece on our machines is the highest quality to achieve exceptional productivity in the field and a positive rROIC for our customers.


Machines produced using our streamlined manufacturing process are easy to disassemble and service, thereby decreasing maintenance times and increasing earning potential for our customer. That translates to increased earning potential for our business.


To best serve our global market, Genie has manufacturing locations throughout the world. Each facility delivers purpose-built machines for the local market, which shortens production and shipping lead times, as well as allows us to respond to local needs, including parts availability and service support, quickly. All of these factors enable us to deliver the highest rROIC for our customers worldwide.

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