What Parts to Stock for Your Aerial Rental Fleet

Minimizing the downtime of routine maintenance and repair is one of the best ways to keep your aerial work platforms out on rent and making money for you. And, stocking fast moving parts is a proactive step you should be implementing to make it happen. Having the right parts on hand can mean the difference between having a machine back up and running in a matter of hours instead of days.


The parts you should be stocking fall into three primary categories:

  • Preventative maintenance items — air, oil and fuel filters and belts
  • Wear items — brake pads, wear pads, light tower lamps, wiper blades, tires
  • Customer damage — decals, joysticks, rubber boots, switches, platforms, paint


These are the items that are consumed by routine maintenance procedures and machine operations.


Where to buy your parts

Another consideration when stocking fast moving parts how well they are going to fit or install. Using OEM parts will provide the best value over the life of your lift and fit right every time so that you can maintain the machine’s factory specifications and performance. In the long run, OEM parts will net a higher return on investment through more uptime and reliability, as well as reduce the time it takes to make repairs because you’re using the correct parts.


Taking Inventory

Sometimes when you’re ordering parts, you do not have the option of order parts ahead of time. However, a little planning can save you hundreds of dollars. Take inventory of your fastest moving parts regularly and order them ahead of time. You’ll be able to reduce shipping charges by combining parts into one order and avoiding the need to have them shipped next-day air.


And when you do need a part quickly, Genie has you covered with a 95% fill rate within 24 hours. We have two parts warehouses in North America (North Bend, Wash. and Southaven, Miss.) to provide the fastest service throughout the country, and our shelves are always stocked with exactly what you need.


Stocking your shop with the fastest moving parts will save you time, money and keep your lifts equipment out on rent.

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