Always Focusing On Our Customers

By Matt Fearon, President, Terex AWP

As we continue to journey through our company’s 50th year in business, it is important to keep coming back to the reason we got into business and are still in business today: To serve our customers. That’s the key. Always focusing on our customers is the foundation of our business, and we live it out every day.

For example, because we sell through rental companies (and then they rent out our equipment to different end users), we spend the majority of our time working with with our dealers. So the more time that we spend with the rental companies understanding how people are using the machines, where are they having difficulties, and where is it that they need our help, the better we’re going to be able to facilitate them being successful in the marketplace. They tell us when our product quality isn’t right. They tell us when our product quality is right. They tell us when we have internal issues where we’re hard to do business with, or where we shine against our competitors. They tell us new product ideas. They tell us about trends.

This information has become a goldmine for setting our company’s strategy and getting our organization aligned. Here’s another example of this: We know that there are certain models in our product portfolio where our rental customers are struggling to make money on their rentals. So we’re figuring out, “Okay, what can we do, from a design standpoint, to make these machines more affordable?” And while we’re making these models more affordable, we’re looking for ways to incorporate new technologies and innovations that will further help our customers.

What we’re focused on always comes back to what customers want and what customers are telling us. Because we know that if our customers are successful, we’re going to be successful.

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