Phil Reilly – Boston’s WGBH TV studio

By  Phil Reilly – Boston’s WGBH TV studio

CRW_0005_RT16As Staffing Director with WGBH TV in Boston (WGBH is the leading contributor of programming to the PBS network), I have been a longtime Genie customer and Genie trainer for over 20 years. Currently, my crew of lighting technicians, trained as aerial work platform operators, are using a 26-ft scissor (Genie® GS™-2632 model), a 19-ft scissor (Genie GS-1930 unit) and a 20-ft mastlift (Genie GR™-20 model) daily. This variety of equipment allows me to execute my complex lighting schemes with ease. The studio facility is expansive and sometimes requires the agile Genie GR-20 Runabout to be transported to other floors in the elevator. The Genie scissor lifts allow two technicians to work together when handling heavy lighting instruments or set dressing.

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