Leading by Example

By Ron Wixon, Product Support Manager, Terex AWP

“Do the right thing for the customer, and you’ll be successful.”

Our founders built Genie on this philosophy, and as Genie celebrates its 50th anniversary, it is important to recognize how this philosophy has been instilled into every aspect of our business — and how it has made us so successful in serving our customers.

GS4069DC_CAC_0092-VS-3ccAt Genie, everything we do is through leading by example. It starts with our executives and our management team. Team members see the company’s executives making decisions every day with the customer top-of-mind, and they follow that lead. When you look at the big picture, our entire company is willing to do what needs to be done to make the customer successful. We listen to and understand their issues, and we work with them to find solutions. We take their input and incorporate it into the design of our machines whenever possible. Who knows better than the user what they need?

Of course, the ultimate goal is for our customers not have any problems, but that’s not reality. Customers will find issues with our machines, it’s an unfortunate truth in the manufacturing business. So, what do we do in this situation? Whatever it takes to get the machine fixed and out on rent. That’s really what it’s all about: Making sure our machines operate and continue to operate well. That’s the Genie difference.

The philosophy may sound simple, but it has many layers all working together, all the time, to make it a reality. We have all kinds of resources to call on when our customers need us. For example, if our technicians don’t immediately know the solution to our customer’s machine issue, they can get different departments involved to help them. Our purchasing team can go directly to our suppliers if we have supplier questions. Our engineering team is always available to help us out if we have a question about something. We also have our training team who knows the equipment very well and are always willing to help out. We interact very closely with each other, which means that when we get input from customers in the field, who use our machines every day, we can instantly relay that information to our different teams, like Engineering, Quality, Tech Pubs, Production, and Supply Chain. Together we can immediately get to work on the needed change.

Full line of TelehandlersThe foundation of our business is built on the idea that if we fix it quickly and correctly, and everyone can move on — our customers can put the machine out on rent to make money, their customers can use the machine to get their jobs done and make money…and, we can get to work developing new, innovative equipment ideas for them to try out next time.

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