The Importance of Technician Training Programs

Training in the aerial industry is very important — operator safety is the number one priority each and every time someone gets into a piece of aerial equipment. I don’t say this for dramatic effect, I say it because it’s true. Equipment operators depend on the aerial lift to work and function properly and safely every time they use it, for every job they do. Of equal importance, operators must be trained to do proper pre-operation inspections, function tests and know how operate the equipment properly. Properly trained and qualified operators are essential to safety on jobsites.

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Training goes beyond the operators. We also need to have technicians properly trained to work on, repair and maintain the equipment. Machines that receive the right care will run smoother, enhancing productivity on jobsites, while helping keep operators safe. To make service and maintenance work more efficient and help reduce downtime, technicians need to demonstrate proficiency in the ability to calibrate, adjust and troubleshoot with the aid of available tools such as schematics, service manuals, laptop or table and connection software.

Why else is technician training important? Because it saves time and money.


Let me explain: A trained technician not only knows how to read the equipment schematics and how to do the repair, they also know how to get the repair done in the least amount of time with a minimal amount of parts expense. This translates to less downtime for the machine and a higher return on investment for the company.

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    Do you have any kind of Technician training on line

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