Easy Troubleshooting with Scissor Error Codes on Smartlink® Equipped Machines

Please note: Fault Codes showing on ground control can be found starting on page 182 of the Genie Scissor Service and Repair Manual found here or by visiting Genie Service Manuals web page found here. For service for your Genie Scissor Lift please contact your local Genie dealer via the Dealer Locator.


Did you ever wish a machine would simply tell you what is wrong with it and how to fix it?  Better yet, what if the user of a scissor lift calls you up with a service call, tells you the diagnostic information and you are able to resolve it over the phone? The onboard diagnostics capability of Genie® slab scissors gives you that convenience today, and continues to get even better. With 272 diagnostic trouble codes and 6 operation indicator codes, Genie scissor lifts tell you the problem and where to look to solve it.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
These codes are generated by the Genie SmartLink Diagnostic Systems (GSDS) on board diagnostic system to indicate that a device or circuit malfunction has been detected. There are five types of DTC, checking out the various systems; hydraulic, battery/power, user interface, sensors/switches, and controls.  These codes are displayed on the alpha numeric platform control display and on the ground control (GCON) display.


From the service manual:

Scissor Service Manual

How easy is that?

Operation Indicator Codes (OIC)
OIC codes are generated by the GSDS to indicate when the operator has inadvertently placed the scissor into an abnormal operating status.   A common example is when the operator has driven the scissor onto a surface that is not level and attempts to raise it.  The scissor will alert the operator and prevent raising the scissor.  The platform display and the ground control display OIC codes and status.

Operation Indicator Codes

These error codes are available on current Genie scissor lifts, and as Genie adds new and additional technology to its products, such as telematics, CAN bus, and WiFi, this information will become available from anywhere you are, connected over the internet through your computer or smartphone.  Rapid and easy troubleshooting means more uptime and higher utilization resulting in better total cost of ownership.

Not sure if your scissor lift is equipped with Smartlink? Below you will find a list of Smartlink equipment Genie Runabouts and Genie Scissor lifts:

  • Genie Runabout: GR-12, GR-15, GR-20 / GRC-12 /QS-12R, QS-15R, QS-20R, QS-12W, QS15W, QS20W
    • Serial range: GR10-2000 and up, GRC11-1000 and up ,QS11-1000 and up
  • Slab Scissors: GS-1530 / GS-1532, GS-1930 / GS-1932, GS-2032/2632/3232, GS-2046/2646/3246
    • Serial range: GSXX10A-110000 and up
  • Slab Scissors: GS-4047
    • Serial range: GS4712C-101 and up
  • RT Electric Scissors: GS-2669 DC, GS-3369 DC, GS4069 DC
    • Serial range: GS6912-1300 and up
  • RT Hybrid Scissors: GS-2669 BE, GS-3369 BE, GS4069 BE
    • Serial range: GS6914-5000 and up

For more information on fault codes please reference the Genie Scissor Service and Repair Manual found here, beginning on page 182 or contact your dealer by visiting the Genie Dealer Locator

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